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Alpha Wildlife Summits

Wildlife Conservation
& Management
In The 21st Century

Issues, Solutions, and New Concepts

December 2023 International Video Summit

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Alpha Wildlife Research & Management

About the Event

All Subjects related to Wildlife Conservation & Management will be included in this summit.

  • EWhat should wildlife management be in the 21st Century?
  • EScientific evidence vs. opinions & beliefs
  • EImpacts of lobbyists, politicians, animal rights, religions...
  • EPredators - Species at risk - Invasive species - Indicator species
  • EConsumptive & non-consumptive use of wildlife & their impacts
  • EGenetics - Translocations - Climate changes - Pollutions
  • EAnimal Welfare
  • EHuman - Wildlife Conflicts
  • EEducation

Summit Objectives

Video Summit aims to:

1. Review past and present issues in wildlife conservation and management throughout the world;

2. Identify solutions to current concerns and problems; and

3. Pave the way for more effective wildlife management programs for the 21st Century.

A Sample of Titles that will be Presented at the Summit

  1. Oh, for wildlife’s sake! Let’s be honest about conservation & management.
  2. Depictions of conservation funding by the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation skew reality.
  3. How political agendas endanger wildlife conservation.
  4. Trapping and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: incongruities demonstrated through the Nearctic river otter.
  5. Impact of non-selective trapping systems on the persistence of species at risk.
  6. Urban wildlife management: a square peg in a round hole.
  7. Unfounded predator culls in North America – Where insanity meets inefficiency.
  8. Modern toolbox to address the decades-old problem in the conservation of Blanding’s turtles.
  9. Broadening the concept of success for translocations.
  10. Benefits associated with predator re-introductions.
  11. Finding new opportunities for science in translocations: a case study with Fishers.
  12. Conservation of freshwater turtles in the Anthropocene: community-engaged approaches to tackle a timeless problem.
  13. Resolving pest control issues through community stewardship & Education.
  14. Quantitation of phylogenomic population structure in fragmented species: two new methods applied to harp seals (Pagophilus groendlandicus).
  15. Methods for analyzing relative abundance of moose (Alces americanus) using trail camera photographs from Ontario.


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